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Cynthia Page Reviews

Top notch service from Cynthia, Jeremiah, and the rest of the Hodges team. 10/10 experience, will be exclusively coming here for any other auto related services!
Cynthia and Lauren were fantastic!!! We had a great car buying experience and will be back. Thank you so much!!!
I recently purchased a car from these guys and from the moment we stepped on the lot, the Tom Hodges team was so accommodating and the service was unreal. Jeremiah assisted us immediately and recommended a car that was the perfect fit for my needs. The test drive was simple and went even better than expected and I knew that was the car I'd be leaving with. From there, Mark got us through the preliminary paperwork and told us everything we needed to know about the specific car. He had a great sense of humor and really made the process quick, easy, and even enjoyable. Lauren could not have been sweeter or more attentive. She was knowledgeable and finished the process with us in no time. She's one of those people you just want to give a big hug to--and we did! Long story short, we could not have asked for a better outcome. I'm in a great car and had a wonderful experience. My family has come to Tom Hodges for years due to their amazing service and we were reminded of it on Friday. They simply can't be beat. Thanks guys!
Tom Hodges runs the best auto dealership I have ever worked with, bar none, and my military service has taken me all over the country. I have made numerous visits to Tom’s Hodges business since I moved to St. Mary’s in 1986. I have test driven many used and now new vehicles over the years. I always found his sales persons and staff to be highly knowledgeable, super friendly, and totally professional and ethical. Recently I tested the most technically advanced and pleasantly comfortable SUV I’ve ever seen anywhere. You have probably heard that you really don’t get to know someone or learn about their true character until you do business with them. I have seen Tom in action and I’m totally impressed with his leadership. That includes how he lets his staff do their jobs while instilling a successful atmosphere. Additionally, he is actively involved with State government on related issues and networks effectively with other Mitsubishi dealers and company entities for his customers’ benefit. Tom and his Team made me a terrific win-win deal, and I took it. I most highly recommend that when you are in the market for a vehicle, do not hesitate to visit Tom Hodges. Tell them, “Sly recommended you guys!!” P.S. My wife was equally impressed, and thankfully approved the Whole Deal!
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