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Mitsubishi PHEV Technology | Tom Hodges Mitsubishi | Hollywood, MD

Mitsubishi PHEV Technology | Hollywood, MD
The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is one of top Plug-In Hybrid Electric vehicles in the mid-size SUV segment, boasting very advanced PHEV technology. With its combination of fast charging, battery-saving features, and available gas power, the Outlander PHEV lets you use less fuel without worrying about running out of charge.

Charging Options

The more popular that electrified cars get, the more D.C. Fast-Charging stations you’ll find near your home, so charging your car on the go is easier than ever. When you charge at a D.C. Fast-Charger, you can get back 80 percent of battery power in just 25 minutes.
At home, it’s easy to use your standard 120-volt outlet to charge your Outlander PHEV overnight, or get a 240-volt charging station installed for a faster charge. There’s no reason to worry about running out of charge when you have so many options at your fingertips.

Regenerative Braking

Another great thing about electric cars is that they recharge themselves every time you brake. In a gas-powered car, the kinetic energy produced when hitting the brakes just goes to waste, but in an electric car, it gets caught and recycled back into the battery.
You can even use paddle shifters mounted to the steering wheel to control how much energy the system catches by increasing or decreasing coasting.

Driver Selected Modes

You can extend battery life with Driver Selected Modes, which let you pick from EV Priority, Battery Save, and Battery Charge modes. EV Priority maximizes the use of battery and reduces fuel consumption, while Battery Save uses more fuel to conserve battery life.

Mitsubishi Remote Control

The Mitsubishi Remote Control app lets you see stats related to your PHEV system, like how much charge you still have left and how long the battery will take to finish charging. You can even set an alarm for when the climate control should turn on or off.

Mitsubishi makes it easy to own and operate an electric vehicle with PHEV technology. Learn more by talking to the experts at Tom Hodges Mitsubishi, here in Hollywood, MD.

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